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coast.Waves ofmore than tenmeters have
caused damage to sea walls and seafront
In the City of Gijon on the Northern
coastof Spain,NewHollandmachineshave
been providing support.
RUVICAM, subcontractor to the City
Hall of Gijon sent several of its New
Holland machines to repair initial damage
of the seafront promenade,before another
incoming stormwas set tomake the situ-
José Luis Vigil Sánchez, Manager of
RUVICAM explained the situation “After
several days of working to repair the
damage, we parked one of our New
Holland E35.2 mini excavators in the
promenade, ready to continue.The storm
got worse and spectacularwavesmanaged
to breakdown the seawall defences.These
walls are designed to break thewaves and
are used to protect the sea promenade,
which was then flooded and the machine
"We picked it up, washed it with fresh
water and lubricated it.Despite the dip, it
is continuing to working as well as on the
first day.”
“We have threeNewHollandmachines
working; the NewHolland E35.2 mini ex-
cavator is equippedwith a hammer to chip
the pavement off the promenade. A top
wall beamwill be placed here in order to
re-attach thewave breakers to the seawall.
"The NewHolland E80 midi excavator
has been equipped with a special im-
plement, which allows us to remove and
place the wave breakers again, weighing
700 kg each. A New Holland E50.2 mini
excavator is working on the rest of the
ruined wall, where it is being used to ex-
tract 200~400 kg stones buried in the
Italy Not Safe fromStorms
At the end of January, Italy was struck by
NewHolland tracked
excavators, with their
zero tailswing feature
quicklywent towork
in repairingdamaged
seawalls inSpan.
ContractorsWorld - International Vol 5No 2
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