Contractors World International Vol 5 No 2 - page 17

ContractorsWorld - International Vol 5No 2
violent rains that led to serious
floods and emergency situations
in Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and
Liguria. More than 2000 emer-
gency operations were carried
out by Italy’s firefighters during
the emergency. New Holland
machines are an important part
of Italy’s firefighting fleet and these were
active across the regions.
Some of the worst flooding happened in
the area close to Modena, were the river
Secchia broke its banks, flooding the sur-
rounding areas. A total of 1,039 people
were rescued from flooded homes, 80
of which were with helicopters. The fire-
fighters' group of earthmoving equipment
operators worked to reinstate river banks
quickly to prevent further flooding.
InTuscany and Liguria,whichwas also se-
verely hit by floods and following landslides,
the team carried out over 600 operations
to help remove water from homes, clean
rivers and repair damaged roads.
New Holland machines are prevalent in
such incidents because of the long-standing
cooperation and agreement between fire-
fighters and the company.
The manufacturer has long been one of
the official suppliers of equipment and at-
tachments to theNational Firefighters.
1. NewHollandcompact tracked
loaders are specially configured for
the Italian fire fightingorganisations
2. Equipment subjected toextreme
seawater exposureduringprom-
enade repair works inSpain
Severe storms not only
damaged sea walls but also
causedextensive flooding.
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