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Volvo Penta industrial engines work in
some pretty unusual locations — but
perhaps none so out of this world as a
spaceport in SouthAmerica.
The Italiancompany IndustrieCometto,
builds semi-trailers, modular trailers and
self-propelled haulers.
Cometto began working with ESA
in 1990, when the company delivered a
AIT200 hauler to move rocket boosters
around theGuyanese spaceport.
With the AIT200 beginning to show
its age,Cometto has just put the finishing
touches on the AIT250 Fardier.The 16.8
meter long, 5.5 meter wide unit will ship
next month to Kourou, where it will be
used to move the bottom two segments
of the rocket boosters.
Hy d r a u l i c a l l y
powered for excellent
traction, the AIT250
can move backward
and forward or side
to side — making an
otherwise long and
unwieldy machine sur-
weighs 150 tonnes, measures 15 meters
long and contains 107 tonnes of solid
rocket propellant to launch the Ariane 5
main stage spacecraft.
A heavy payload
Because theAIT250 will bear such heavy
and volatile loads, it was crucial that
Cometto use engines that were reliable
and tough— in addition tobeingquiet and
fuel efficient.
That is why the company went with
seven litreTAD765VEVolvo Penta engines,
capable of producing 235 kW apiece.Two
engineswere installed tomaximizeuptime:
if one engine experiences a problem, the
machine can continue working at a lower
VolvoPentawon’tbeblasting intoouter
space itself any time soon. But it’s clear
thatwhen they join forces,VolvoPenta and
Comettomake an out-of-this-world duo.
Formore information:
To infinity
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