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The primary products used were
wall formwork
panels, extended to a height of 3,70m for
the walls of the two lower levels, com-
binedwith the support frame STB450.The
StarTec panels were ganged to finish 20 to
30 m long wall slabs in single pours, sup-
porting the tight time schedule.
Early stripping after 3 days
The 17,000m² of slabs in the lower levels
were formed using an inventory of only
1,200m² of the
The pours were organized in 600 m²
cycles with the panels being stripped only
three days after each pour.This minimized
material and use of space on the con-
struction site.
The sloping slabs that make up both
ground floor and grandstand required
a different solution. For these, the con-
tractor decided on the conventional beam
method using the MevaFlex conventional
slab system and a facing made of plywood
HighQuality Architectural
Concrete Facing
Thedesigned required that thewalls of the
ground floor be left exposed as poured
and, therefore, required a high-quality ar-
chitectural finish. Here, the engineers im-
plemented the MEVAWTS 20 beam and
facing wall system using
The large number of standard 60 by
60 cm columns were formed using the
column formwork system CaroFalt. The
specially shaped columns supporting the
roof were formed using a special steel
formwork design.
Supporting roof at 24m height
While being completed, the wooden roof
of the grandstand needed to be supported
temporarily. Because of their rigid frames,
MEP shoring towers proved to be the
ideal solution for free-standing supports
and high loads at heights of 20 m on the
eastern side and 24mon thewestern side
of the grandstand.
Tomeet the various
lenges in themodern
architectural design,
thecontractors had to
utilise variousMeva
formworking and
falsework solution.
ContractorsWorld - International Vol 5No 2
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