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The supports were anchored to the
concrete structures using R630 push-pull
props and tension belts. Thus secured,
they withstood the considerable wind
pressure and the load of the wooden roof
Cantilevering shoring towers
The western part of the stadium’s grand-
stand proved a true engineering challenge.
The MEP towers could not rest on the
groundbecause planting of the playing field
lawn had already begun.The towers would
havehad tobeplacedon the grass inorder
to support the cantilevering beams of the
wooden roof construction.
Instead, the engineers placed shoring
towers reaching 2,20 m over the field,
higher up and fixed them to the
towers already in place under
the grandstand.The loads were
compensated by using push-pull
props and column connectors.
RentalPlus: Awin-
win agreement
The local contractor de-
cided to rent the entire
formwork material fromMEVA
Zsalurendserek in Budapest. A
long building period of more
than two years motivated him
to take precautions against sub-
sequent repair costs.
That is why he chose
RentalPlus, a MEVA scheme that covers all
repairs, reducing time and effort, adminis-
trative costs and possible disputes at the
endof theproject.A small feeon the rental
invoice covers cleaning, repairs and facing
repairs, possible thanks to the all-plastic
facing, the only facing that can be repaired.
Thismakes re-facing redundant.
However, the contractor was so con-
vinced of the performance of MEVA’s all-
plastic, 100 %wood-free facing 'alkus' that
he decided to purchase the delivery for
future exposed concrete pours.
Thecantilever roof con-
structioncouldnot sit
at ground level.
Theengineers attached them
to theexisting shoring towers
under thegrandstand.
ContractorsWorld - International Vol 5No 2
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