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Priorities List of the coun-
try’s most contaminated haz-
ardous waste sites.
Today, 200 miles of the Hudson River
is classified by the EPA as a Superfund site
– one of the largest in the country - for
InFebruary2002,theEPA issued funding
that calls for targeted environmental
dredging of approximately 2.02millionm³
(2.65 million yds³) of PCB-contaminated
sediment from a 64 km (40 mile) section
of theUpperHudson River.
How is PCB-contaminated sediment
removed,processed and disposed of?
Dredging is typically conducted be-
tween May and November when the
Champlain canal is open for the season.
Dredging occurs 24 hours a day, six days
mounted on deck barges use clam-
shell buckets to place dredged
sediments into barges. Tugboats
then push the filled barges to a de-
watering and sediment processing
facility located on the Champlain
Workers useexcavators
clamshell buckets
mountedon flat, anchored
platforms toplacebackfill
on topof thepreviously
dredged area.
carefully controlled to
of clean sediment.
After an area has beendredged
of contaminated sediment to
theEPA’s standards, clean
backfill is transportedon
abargeby a tugboat.
ContractorsWorld - International Vol 5No 2
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