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Canal in Fort Edward,NewYork.
Once there, the most contaminated
sediment is processed first. Debris is re-
moved and sediment ismechanically dewa-
tered; the water is treated on-site before
being returned to the Champlain Canal.
The dewatered sediment and debris are
loadedonto railcars for transport to a per-
mitted off-site disposal facility.
End of 1913Season
bottom sediment contaminatedwithPCBs
were removed from the upper Hudson
River during 2013 season, exceeding the
annual goal of 267,600 m³ (350,000 yd³)
for this historic dredging project.
The project began in 2009 and is over
73% complete, putting the dredging on
track to be finished in two years.To date,
about 1.4millionm³ (1.9million yd³) have
been removed.
Filling of previously dredged areas with
clean sandandgravelwill continueover the
closed season,weather permitting. A total
of more than 280 local area contractors,
subcontractors, vendors and suppliers are
involved in providing goods or services
related toHudson River dredging.
The potentially cancer-causing PCBs
build up in the fat of fish and mammals,
increasing in concentration as theymove
Once the sediment is de-
watered, it is temporarily
staged in staging areas.
Rail cars are loadedwith
dredged andprocessed
materials for delivery
topermitted, off-site
disposal facilities
Whiledredging is takingplace,
every effort ismade toenable
pleasuringboating tocontinue.
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