Contractors World International Vol 5 No 2 - page 28

her sister machine Phyllis at Farringdon in
October 2013.
Over in southeast London,TBM Sophia
has completed Crossrail’s first tunnel be-
neath the Thames, arriving at the North
Woolwich Portal on 29 January, having
started southof the river inPlumstead last
TBM Jessica has also completed her
tunnelling journey from Pudding
Mill Lane and broke through into
one of Europe’s largest mined
caverns beneath StepneyGreen on
3 February.
In addition, tunnelling machine
Elizabeth made a spectacular en-
trance into the new Crossrail
station atWhitechapel on 20 January on
her journey from Limmo Peninsula to
Farringdon. Her sister machine Victoria
alsobroke through into StepneyGreenon
30 January.
Crossrail has also finished civil con-
struction of the first of two new Bond
Street station ticket halls. The western
ticket hall on Davies Street is five storeys
Images showingprogress as
ContractorsWorld - International Vol 5No 2
TBMVictoria breaks through into Stepney
Green cavern on the 30 January 2014 as the
project reaches its halfway point.
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