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Around theWorld
other Nature is getting
more and more difficult
topredict asweather conditions swing from
one extreme to another.
NorthAmerica recently took a battering with some
areas experiencing unprecedented low temperatures.
Europe got the aftermath as the North Atlantic Jet
Stream swept down very low. The result was unprec-
edentedwinds and rainfall.
Australia has had to do battle against drought, bush
fires and heavy rain.
Some of these have involved significant loss of life,
such as themud slide recently in the StateofWashington
in theUSA.
As always, in such situations, contractors rally to the
call making equipment and operators available to alle-
viate the immediate situation and then in the follow up
remedial actions.
When the lights goout in themiddleof a storm,give a
thought to the engineerswho are putting their own lifes
at risk in trying to reconnect fallen power lines.
However,is it all the faultofMotherNature? Dredged
rivers have been left to silt up. Building take place on
flood plains. Onmountain slopes, trees are cut back for
residential purposes. Rain forests are been slashed in
the rush to provide palm oil. And there aremany more
Treated right, Mother Nature can be your friend.
Cross her at your peril.
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