Contractors World International Vol 5 No 2 - page 6

MakingEasyWorkOfBridge Inspection
Inspectors in New SouthWales,Australia,
needed to view the un-
dersideof a roadbridge
spanning a river. They
required an access
platform that was light
enough to lower using
a mobile crane, yet also
had the ability to drive
across – and operate
on – uneven and boggy
The solutionwas the
Ommelift 2750 RXBDJ
battery-diesel hybrid
Its compact dimensions
and lightweight of 5,050 kgmeant it could
be safely lowered off the bridge using a 20
tonnemobile crane.
Capable of driving, setting up and
working on gradients of up to 35%, it was
easily able to traverse boggy ground and
loose shale, before setting up on the edge
of the gravel river bed.
The inspectors used large outrigger
pads in order to spread the load, ensuring
safe set-up and operation.
The 2750 RXBDJ provides a maximum
working height of 27.5 m, zero tail swing,
excellent up-and-over capabilities as well
as good outreach from the telescopic
upper section (maximumoutreach15.5m)
and a jib for added flexibility.This working
envelope enabled the inspector to access
theentirebridge fromone set-upposition.
ContractorsWorld - International Vol 5No 2
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