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ContractorsWorld - International Vol 5No 2
The Bhoir Group’s Liebherr LR 1300,
the 300 t crawler crane manufactured by
Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH, Austria,
created a breakthroughby lifting 8.3 twith
86 mmain boom and 89 m luffing jib and
derrick with 50 t of suspended counter-
weight.This splendid liftwas carriedout at
a radius of 53 m and the load was placed
at a height of 118m.
The crane isworking in aCement plant
inChattisgarh, India.Themagnificent boom
combination and excellent load capacityof
the machine made the lift extremely easy
with utmost safety.This feature of the LR
1300 has put theBhoirGroupmiles ahead.
Without the LR 1300, a much
larger crane would have been needed
to execute the lift, thus requiring
more space and causing higher costs.
phenomenal boom
OurNewRegional AdvertisingManager
to our sales team. He will represent all our titles and services
inGermany,Austria and Switzerland. Aged 36,Alex has always
worked in industrial sales.
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