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Located 1500 km from the sea on the Rio
Negro River, one of the Amazon’s most
important tributaries, lies the port of
The port has undergone significant ex-
pansion to cope with the industrial de-
velopment of the region, but its modern
floating pier needed expansion. That is
where Tomiasi Logistica Pesada and its
Terex all terrain cranes came to support.
Because of the nature of the river. the
port has a450m long,modernfloatingpier
for ships to unload at . This pier is con-
nected to land by a bridge that is partly
floating and partly supported by pylons.
The expansion involved adding an extra
lane to the bridge connecting the pier to
land. This involved positioning prefabri-
cated bridge sections.
For this to take place, the cranes were
set uponbarges.“Tomiasi is locatednot far
away, on theAmazon River, so, to ship the
cranes, we just put them on a barge, fully
"It only took 40 minutes to ship it and
one hour to have them ready for work,”
says Jander Roque, Sales analyst, Tomiasi.
“The difficultywas thatwe had to perform
a triple lift with cranes on barges.The load
of each section was between 320 t and
360 t. We used anAC 200-1, anAC 350/6
and anAC 500-2.”
The bridge sections were also trans-
ported by barge and positioned close to
the cranes. Once there,Tomiasi’s team of
8 people proceeded to rig and lift the load.
“Operating from barges is an extremely
delicate and precise operation.AtTomiasi,
we are pretty experienced, but it never
ceases to be a challenge,” says, Enoque
Neto,. “In these operations, load moni-
toring was vital, that's why using three
Terex all terrain cranes with IC-1 control
system helped.We know themeasures are
precise and consistent across the cranes.
With everything going as planned and no
delays,wemanaged to complete the job in
only five days.”
Terex All
Are JustThe
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