Contractors World International Vol 5 No 3 - page 2

ol 5 No 3
Flat & Low Pitch
Roofs Restored
With Minimal Cost & Disruption
• Seamless, no joints that can be damaged by sun, frost,
wind etc.
• Adds decades to life of old flat or low pitch roofs,
gutters, channels etc at minimal cost.
• The only 100% commercial grade silicone roof coating
guaranteed to waterproof even under permanently
ponding water.
• Works on old weathered Felt, Asphalt, Concrete, Steel,
Single ply, EPDM, Asbestos etc.
• Unaffected by UV/sunlight & reduces roof surface
temperature by up to 80% thereby preventing felt
damaging expansion / contraction etc.
• No more silver painting required.
• Superb on replacement new marine ply for low cost
• Remains flexible unlike tar or bitumen that get soft or
acrylics that freeze.
• Withstands temperature extremes -50ºC up to +50ºC.
• Smooth surface does not support moss / algae growth
- stays cleaner longer.
• Available in grey & white. Recommended first coat
grey and second coat the sun reflecting white (or visa
• Gaco roof coating carries a unique 20 Year limited
factory guarantee.
GacoPro Fixes it Permanently
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