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2014 Vol 5 No 4
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Hydrodemolition on under water bridge columns - continued

Positioning the Aqua Spine equipment around the columnPositioning the Aqua Spine equipment around the column

Positioning the Aqua Spine equipment around the column

Working remotely, from a barge, the operator was able to set the jet angle, number of passes and speed of travel of the hydrodemolition head.

The system was set to make a controlled traverse in a complete circle of the column, before ‘auto indexing' to the next level and continuing until the cycle was completed – i.e. the length of the Aqua Spine at 6 m.

Divers then released the clamps and the frame was lowered by crane to the next level and clamped again. The cycle then continued.

Jeremy Twigg, RGL's Commercial Director, confirmed that, had the company employed divers for the underwater preparation work, it would have taken 10 times longer. “Plus,” he added “the quality achieved by the Aqua Spine was so much better.”

Supplied with a power and control Unit, it features Aquajet's patented Intelligent Sensing Control (ISC). An advanced sensing system, it features no electronics, such as sensors or cables, exposed to the moisture environs – resulting in a more efficient production with fewer stops due to problems with, for example, sensors.

“We particularly liked the Aqua Spine's wireless controller and ISC sensorless control,” commented Jeremy Twigg. “It greatly helped towards ensuring continuous reliability in the harsh environment at Arstein; working in deep water and temperatures below 4 ºC.

Between 50 – 250 mm of concrete per pass was removed depending on the condition of the concrete, with only damaged concrete being removed. On average each column was completed in 2 – 3 days.

The depth of the fjord was 16 m which meant as work progressed, underwater checks were carried out both by divers and through underwater camera surveillance to ensure that an even finish was achieved across each column.

The project ran for a total of three months with all 22 columns being completed.

For more information:
AquaJet Systems AB
>>> Rentajet Group

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