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Contractors World  -
2014 Vol 5 No 5
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What's New In Plant & Equipment

New Combo Extends Brokk Versatility

Brokk TE160 hydraulic drifter rock drill from TEI Rock Drills. Brokk remote-controlled demolition equipment brings Goliath-sized drilling power in a David-sized package for mining, demolition and tunneling applications with the latest TE160 hydraulic drifter rock drill from TEI Rock Drills.

When paired with the Brokk 100 or Brokk 160, the new drill attachment is far superior to the jackleg drills alternative for drilling in cramped spaces,

The Brokk/TEI combination eliminates fatigue caused by operating the heavy handheld tools, improves overall drilling accuracy and promotes safety by allowing operators to stand farther away from the drilling site.

When miners use jackleg drills for drilling 1 5/8-inch diameter holes for blasting they stand within 3 feet (1 m) of the working surface, which puts them at risk of being hit by water-propelled, fractured rocks or falling debris.

With a Brokk machine and the TE160 attachment, they can drill to 20 ft ( 6 m) depths remotely.

Operators can take the 45” (1,143 mm) tall Brokk 100 units into areas with 6’ (1.82 m) height clearances, which make them great for workspaces with little headroom. In addition, when the arms and stabilizer legs are folded in, the Brokk 100 is less than 31” (788 mm) wide, narrow enough to fit through doorways or onto elevators at demolition sites.

At just under 26” (660 mm) long, the TE160 is the smallest drill attachment from TEI. It might be small but it still delivers 35 to 60 foot-pounds of impact energy at 5,000 to 6,500 blows per minute.

The new drill attachment complements other Brokk attachments for added versatility. For example, demolition crews can use the Brokk 100 or Brokk 160 with the TEI attachment to bore 2-inch-diameter holes for splitter or cracking agents in non-explosive demolition applications. They can then quickly switch out the drill for a hydraulic breaker, shear or bucket to size and remove debris. The hydraulic drill attachment is quieter than pneumatic handheld alternatives.

TEI Rock Drills

New Nordberg C130 jaw crusher

New Nordberg C130 jaw crusher

The latest crusher from Metso, the Nordberg C130, can process more rock in the crushing process, thanks to the larger cavity volume delivering higher production in high-capacity primary crushing in demanding quarrying and mining applications.

The cavity volume of a jaw crusher has a big impact on the efficiency of the crusher. The Nordberg C130 jaw crusher has a 21% larger cavity volume in comparison to previous models in this size class.

The new model is a 40-tonne jaw crusher in terms of operating weight and features a pinned and bolted design for reliability, long life and easy service.

Large feed opening saves blasting costs

The large, 1300 x 1000 mm (39” x 51”) feed opening make it possible to process even the coarsest feed and maintain a trouble-free material flow through the crusher. This results in savings in blasting costs and allows the processing of coarser feed at the primary stage.

With its compact design, replacing older crusher models can be accomplished easily. The pinned and bolted design also makes it possible to disassemble the C130 and transport it to deep underground mines or remote quarries.

The introduction of the new jaw crusher continues the renewal of Metso’s mid-size and large jaw crushers. Prior to the launch of Nordberg C130, Metso launched the all-new Nordberg C120 and C150 jaw crushers.


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