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High Precision Access

On Historical Tower

Gate Paint Job

Austrian rental company Obermair Transporte-Erdbau

GmbH recommended a Genie ZX-135/70 articulating

boom lift to help painting specialist, Daniel Zauner

and his team.

They were tasked with the repair to the belfry and re-

store the paintwork of the southern, “lower situated” tow-

er of the walled mediaeval town of Vöcklabruck in Upper


Built by the Germano-Romans in the 12th century,

Vöcklabruck marks close ties with emperor Maximilian

I, who reinforced the entry to the town with two tower

gates. In addition to a similar edifice on the opposite side

of the square, to this day, the 36 m (118-ft) tall so called

“lower” gate tower, featuring a 15th century fresco, is one

of the only two means of access to the town’s historic cen-

tral square.

The challenge of a tough timeline

The job required a machine providing sufficient work-

ing height and outreach to access the tower’s front

and side facades adjoining other buildings, but also

narrow enough to pass the tight 2.60 metre (8 ft 6in)

entrance to paint the tower’s back facade inside the


In addition, a bad weather forecast made it crucial for

the team to complete the task within a tight three-day win-

dow - including time for the paint to dry thoroughly, before

the onset of heavy rain.

Ernst Hadinger, aerial work platform manager for

Obermair, said:

“On this particular application, besides the

height and outreach required to perform the

task, themachine’s dimensions were essential

to ensure access through the tower’s tight


“Efficiency was also a key factor, as we

had to complete the job in three days”

Long reach, fast set-up, and

compact dimensions were crucial

Transported on-site on a standard-width trailer, and

following familiarization with the machine, the team

was soon ready to begin.

With a maximum working height of 43 m (141 ft) and a

horizontal reach of up to 21.3 m (70 ft), the articulating ZX-

135/70 boom lift provided the painters the flexibility they

needed to perform their task with confidence and ease.

On the second day, the team prepared the machine to

drive through



gate entrance

to complete

work on the

façade facing

the square.

In addition

to the height,



and up-and-over clearance the painters relied on, the ma-

chine’s standard self-erecting jib, that extends from 3.7 m

(12 ft) to up to 6.1 m (20 ft), enabled the team to proceed

comfortably at a good steady pace.

An intricate task performed

“At this stage it was crucial to pass the gate rapidly to

avoid blocking traffic to and from the town centre. With

one man at the wheel and a second controlling the traffic,

we managed the entire process within minutes perfectly


“In all aspects of this task, the Genie boom lift provided

an ideal solution that would have been impossible to han-

dle using a truck mounted boom, or other similar types of

equipment,” commented Ernst.

Obermair Transporte-Erdbau

Genie Access

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Contractors World International Vol 5 No 5