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Contractors World International Vol 5 No 5


Site Dumpers

Powers Up Utilities


As major cities expand to accommo-

date ever-growing businesses and res-

idential areas, so too does the need

for electricity substations.

The State of Victoria’s highly competi-

tive infrastructure construction market

means that pricing and completion pro-

cesses need to be tightly controlled if

successful contracting businesses are to


F.R.R. Cinel Nominees (Vic) Pty Ltd is

contracted by major energy distribution

companies to upgrade or construct new

electrical infrastructure. The company

recently acquired a compact, highly ma-

noeuvrable Terex TA 3.5 tip and swivel

dumper to give it the speed and flexibility

needed to move full loads quickly around

its construction sites.

“Cinel’s civil works program is tightly

controlled, requiring appropriate resourc-

es and equipment to ensure client expec-

tations are maintained.

“Our tracking and program proce-

dures mean we have to provide an illus-

tration of the tasks involved, linking them

systematically and enabling our clients to

be aware exactly when the various pro-

cesses are scheduled to commence and

finish,” said Ralph Cinel.

“Many of our construction sites are

located within industrial areas and often

have fairly constrained boundaries, there-

fore the right equipment is critical to our

success.” Cinel added.

Terex Dumpers