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Working with Bobcat

Leads to Greater


For over 25 years, Spanish company,


i Excavacions Jocar,

has been in the business of

earthmoving, transport, truck-mounted cranes and

special excavation projects, in addition to the sale

of aggregates in the Maresme area.

“We have a wide range of machinery so we can of-

fer the best quality and optimal solutions for each client’s

projects and needs,” explains Manager, Joan Carles Mora.

“We also have a crushing plant for recycling concrete,

which provides us with subbase aggregates and recycled

sand for use in other projects.”

“We purchased a Bobcat E10 micro-excavator, one of

the smallest in the range, with zero tail swing (ZTS) design

and an operational weight of 1176 kg. We also purchased

a ZTS Bobcat E35 compact excavator weighing 3.5 tonne.

We already had a Bobcat 334 excavator.”

“Several factors influenced our decision. The first

was the quality of the product, and the second was the

high level of service offered by the Bobcat distributor in

our area. “

“In the case of the E10 micro-excavator, we chose the

machine because it sets us apart from our competitors.

The recession has forced us to adapt and offer solutions for

jobs that used to be performed manually. “

“I was amazed by its high working capacity in difficult-

to-access areas due to its small size. It has allowed me to

performmany jobs that would not have been possible with

other excavators.”


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Contractors World International Vol 5 No 5


All Terrain Crane For

Hoisting Pipelines

H & S Autokrane mobile crane company of Hesse,

Germany, had challenging conditions marked by a

lack of space. They chose their Terex Challenger

3160 all terrain crane.

“We had to hoist pipelines and steel elements up to

a height of 42 meters (137.8 ft) for assembly in an ex-

isting steel structure,” Jens Hartung explains. In doing

so, the team had to overcome several particularly tricky


For one thing, the approach was extremely narrow,

with some passages allowing for a width of just 2.60 me-

ters (8.5 ft) and a height of only 3.60 meters (11.8 ft).

The compact design of the Terex Challenger 3160 crane

was able to safely manoeuver the equipment through

each “needle eye” without scraping the sides. Since

there were also drains passing underneath the work-

space, the maximum total crane weight for the job was

limited to 40 tonnes (44.1 US tons).

Terex Cranes