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of the slab and beams construction sequencing, optimising

the construction cycle for the project.

Commenting on the challenges, Carillion Alawi project

manager, Mohamed Tariq said:

“With the top of the dome needing shoring

support at a total height of 43 metres and

numerous concrete slabs at different levels

making up the new mosque, the key challenge

for us was how to manage the safe erection

of the shoring.”

“Critically we also had to be conscious

of the distribution of loads throughout the

project, to keep within the allowable work-

ing load of the RMD Kwikform equipment.

Having worked with RMD Kwikform on numerous oth-

er projects in Oman, including the Wave retail centre in

Muscat, where the contractor also used Alshor Plus, they

were familiar with the high leg load capabilities of the prod-

uct. So for the initial sequencing of the project they opted

for this solution.

With both Alshor Plus and Rapidshor being modular

systems, the Carillion Alawi site teams were able to quickly

erect the tower structures safely, bringing forward the

concreting element of the programme to meet the needs

of the overall advanced programme time.

As part of the revised design of the structure and con-

struction sequencing, that included additional monolithic

slabs, which had to be poured at the same time, RMD

Kwikform engineers had to install additional equipment

without restricting access.

Commenting on revised design and the project RMD

Kwikform regional sales manager, Bellphine Campbell said:

“With the changes made part way through

the project, having calculated all of the

loadings, we knew we could not release

the loads in the Alshor Plus to strike these

additional slabs. We therefore introduced a

900mm wide run of Rapidshor shoring that

sat within the Alshor Plus birdcage support

to distribute the loads and keep both systems

within their loading capacities.

“In doing so, we also recognised the need

to increase the size of the working platform,

so we designed additional bays using Alshor

Plus. To reach the 42 metre top height of the

dome structure, we literally put shoring, on

top of shoring, on top of shoring.

With different segments of the structure requiring dif-

ferent shoring setups, like the two level slabs next to the

prayer hall, the shoring puzzle required a great deal of en-

gineering. Rapidshor shoring, reaching a height of 17m

to the top of the dome was arranged at varying heights

and the systems jacks were adjusted to support the curved

structure of the dome.

The Rapidshor shoring was found-

ed on top of an Alshor Plus birdcage,

a staggering 25 metres high, erected

from the main 5.5 metre slab. In total

this created a record-breaking tower

for RMD Kwikform, some 42 metres


Due to be completed in 2015, the

new Sultan Qaboos Mosque will be

one of the largest in Oman.

RMD Kwikform

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Contractors World International Vol 5 No 5

Carillion Alaw implement strict

health and safety proceedures

on site. The workers are

trained in the correct handling

and assembly of shoring

tower components. Hardhats,

gloves, protective boots and

high-viz jackets are manadatory

- even though the temperature

can get very high.