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Contractors World International Vol 5 No 5




for French



ContiTech and Techmi have collabo-

rated in installing he longest con-

veyor belt in Europe . The 13 km belt

recently went into operation at a ce-

ment factory in Montalieu, France.

The endless steel cord belt is about 13 km

long and does a twist and turn on the head

and tail of the system to run parallel to the

loaded belt on the return.

Limestone residues

remain on the returning belt rather than falling

underneath it.

The community of Montalieu is in eastern France be-

tween Lyon and Geneva. It’s a small town located on the

banks of the Rhône and home to the cement plant Vicat.

To bring in limestone from the quarry 6.2 km away, Vicat

required a cost-effective solution and launched a project to

meet its transport needs by conveyor belt.

They engaged Techmi, the French expert in bulk han-

dling to build up the entire conveyor system.

Europe’s longest conveyor

The aethetic installation blends into its surroundings

without any difficulty. Concrete walls and a cover en-

case the conveyor belt to contain any spillage. It also

means that people, animals and vehicles can cross

over the construction without any problems.

“Requirements for this conveyor belt are tough, espe-

cially for return solution,” reports Stefan Hoheisel, Segment

Leader for Industry at the Conveyor Belt Group.

“For Vicat and Techmi the classic return solution wasn’t

really an option on this occasion. The innovative turn solu-

tion means we now have a base construction which is not

higher than 80 cm,” explains Nicolas Raphaël, team leader

of the French conveyor belt team.

ContiTech supplied a STAHLCORD ST1000-5+5 X, a steel

cable conveyor that is resistant to abrasion, weather and

corrosion. It’s also thermally stable, highly durable and low


René Brunone, Techmi’s owner explains:

“We opted to work with ContiTech for a

number of different reasons.

“ContiTech has many years of practical

experience with conveyor belts that negoti-

ate bends and delivers high-quality and eco-

friendly products.

“In addition, they were able to manu-

facture the belt very quickly, which also im-

pressed us.”

The belt, as well as the steel cords for the carcass, were

produced by ContiTech Imas in Volos, Greece. “

“It’s basically a STAHLCORD ST1000-5+5 X,

a steel cable conveyor that’s resistant to

abrasion, weather and corrosion. It’s also

thermally stable, highly durable and low


explains Raphaël.

ContiTech produced and delivered it within five weeks,

which is extremely competitive compared to usual produc-

tion time.