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Contractors World International Vol 5 No 5

In a first step, 13 rolls of one kilometre weighing 20

tonnes each were shipped from Volos to Fos-sur-Mer on

the French Mediterranean coast. From there they were

transported in a spectacular heavy duty truck convoy over

360 km to Montalieu.

In Montalieu the team from ContiTech France and the

service team from HQ in Northeim, Germany, were on site

to assemble the belt.

“We did the job in two stages and spent a

total of two months on location,”

says Jan Poppe, Head of Field Service International.

Together, the team spliced the 13 sections of belt to

each other – in the middle of winter, no less.

The 250 tons conveyor belt is now in operation, pow-

ered by three electric motors delivering 250 kW each.

In normal conditions, the belt can transport up to 700

tons of limestone an hour. At maximum capacity, it can

shift as much as 1,000 tons.

The belt has officially been in operation since

mid October.

“We’re more than happy with the way this

project has turned out. With Techmi and

ContiTech, we had two extremely competent

partners by our side,”

says M. Eric Galloy, project manager at Vicat.



The 14 km long convery belt isc overed to contain

spillage and allow for safe, easy passges of people,

animals and veichles.

Saudi Arabia



on Pipeline


The first Volvo Construction Equipment

rotating pipelayer to get to work in Saudi

Arabia is helping to build a pipeline ex-

tension through the vast Khurais oilfield.

The Khurais Megaproject is a recent addi-

tion to the Kingdom’s vast production facili-

ties, comprising of the Khurais, Abu Jifan and

Mazalij oilfields.

Development of a new pipeline extension

through the Khurais field is now underway,

supporting Saudi Aramco in maintaining a reliable supply

of gas to meet the demands of domestic customers in the

central and western regions of the Kingdom.

A PL4608 rotating pipelayer from Volvo Construction

Equipment, the first machine of its kind to get to work in the

region, is being used to ensure the project runs smoothly.

The pipeline extension will cover a distance of 150 km, and

is scheduled to take 27 months to complete. The PL4608

will lay 56 inch pipe, starting at the east-west pumping sta-

tion number one and running to pumping station number


The extreme conditions of the Arabian Desert presents

several unavoidable challenges. Summer temperatures av-

erage around 45°C, and highs of 54°C are often recorded.

Regular sandstorms also prove problematic for the equip-

ment working on the project.

The PL4608 has been built to withstand these extremes.

This machine is also suited to the type of pipe used on the

project – its hydraulically variable undercarriage, which ex-

pands by 500 mm (19.6 inch), provides a highly stable op-

erating platform when working with 56 inch pipe.

Volvo CE