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Contractors World International Vol 5 No 5


openhagen has set itself the goal of be-

coming climate neutral by 2025. To en-

sure that the goal is within reach, waste

will be converted to electricity and dis-

trict heating in the future.

To achieve the ambitious goal and the visionary con-

struction of the “waste-to-energy facilities”, around 30,000

m³ of concrete were necessary, all casted completely with

PASCHAL formwork.

At the end of April 2014, 4,500 m² of rented formwork

from PASCHAL Danmark A/S’s LOGO system were provided

for a smooth construction process.

Climate neutral by 2025

The waste incineration plant is to recycle the entire

urban population’s waste from 2017 and simultaneously

produce electricity and district heating for up to 150,000

households. This should also raise the awareness of the in-

habitants for environmental protection and resource con-

servation. Thus, Amager Bakke will not continuously emit

the accumulated CO


; rather it will release one tonne of



each time in the form of a visible smoke ring.

Triple use

Amager Bakke is intended to be the most up-to-date

and environmentally friendly “waste-to-energy facil-

ity” and should also provide Copenhagen’s popula-

tion with a recreational area.

The plan is to design the roof of the facilities so that

it can be used all year round as an artificial ski slope. At a

height of 85 metres, the facilities will look like an artificial

mountain upon completion and they will also be used as a

climbing route.

Over 4,500 m² of rental formwork were

provided by PASCHAL Danmark A/S to

ensure a smooth construction process.


Ambitious ‘Waste-to-

Energy’ Plant