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Contractors World International Vol 5 No 5

Towering high

in Brussels

The city of Brussels has a new eye-catcher: At 140

meters, the UP-site highrise building on the banks of

the Charleroi-Brussels-Canal is the tallest residential

building in Belgium and one of the highest in Europe.

The construction company, BPC Brabant, hired two

Wolff cranes 6531.12 from Wolffkran Belgium, which have

made sure that the skyscraper grew to its ultimate height.

Quentin Guyaux, site manager at BPC Brabant: “Right

from the very beginning, Wolffkran worked closely with

our engineering office with their accurate planning and

sophisticated crane concept. There are only a few players

on the Belgian market that can draw up plans for this build-

ing height and at the same time provide us with what we

need in terms of product technology. With Wolffkran we

get everything from one source.”

Proven Wolff climbing units ensure

time-saving climbing

The first Wolff 6531.12, with a jib radius of 30 me-

ters, was installed on site using a 300 ton mobile

crane to a freestanding height of 91.2 meters at the

beginning of the project.

Placed on foundation anchors to save space, it then

climbed upwards step by step alongside the growing high-

rise building to its final height of 146.4 meters.

The time required for climbing the crane was kept to an

absolute minimum due to the efficient Wolff pin connec-

tion system and the external climbing unit, which pushes

up the crane by 4.5 m (the length of a tower section) in just

one go.

The second Wolff, of the same

model, but with 45 meter jib, was installed three months

later on a cross frame to a free standing height of 65.4 me-

ters and then rose up with the building up to 147.5 meters.

Both trolley jib cranes were equipped with a 75 kW

hoist winch, lifting steel girders, formwork and other ma-

terial with a speed of up to 230 m / min. With maximum

lifting capacities of up to 10.4 tons at a 30-meter jib radius

and 7.4 tons at a 40-meter jib radius, even heavy pre-fabri-

cated elements were lifted with ease.

One crane required two ties, the other was tied to the

building three times.

The work of the two Wolff cranes on the UP-site build-

ing was completed earlier this year. The Wolffkran team

also designed the dismantling of the cranes to be as ef-

ficient as possible.

The lower of the two Wolff 6531.12 was dismantled by

the higher crane, making the use of a mobile crane obso-

lete. The higher Wolff crane was climbed down to about

40 meters and then completely dismantled using a 150 ton

mobile crane.

Frédéric van Hoorebeke: “There is a very high demand

for our cranes in Belgium. Upon dismantling the two cranes

at the Up-site project, they were immediately put up on

other construction sites in Brussels and Antwerp.”