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Contractors World International Vol 5 No 5

A New 51 t Capacity

Rough Terrain

Crane from Tadano

Tadano Ltd. will launch a new rough terrain

crane for overseas markets in March 2015.

The new GR-500EXL with a 51 tonne capac-

ity, a 42 m 5-section boom and right-hand


Tadano recognises an increasing need of its custom-

ers in regions such as Southeast Asia where the driv-

ing position is on the right.

To meet this customer demand and for safety reasons,

Tadano is to start producing rough terrain cranes with driv-

ing position on the right.

At the same time, Tadano has redesigned this rough

terrain crane to have a long boom, a compact carrier, im-

proved drivability, increased safety and environmentally

friendly performance.

The whole package, Tadano claim, will deliver out-

standing lifting performance, easy maintenance, and high

productivity at a great value.

Primary Features and Benefits

◊ Right-Hand Drive to Meet Destination Market


To meet the needs of markets, such as those in

Southeast Asia, where right-hand drive is required,

Tadano has newly developed this right-hand drive

rough terrain crane. This new design will contribute

to greater safety for operators when driving.

◊ Outstanding Boom and Jib

With a 42 m 5-section boom, it will be one of the

longest booms available in the 51 tonne class. The

reach and lift capacity means that the crane can op-

erate in restricted access areas or in remote off-road


Extra reach of 8 m to 12.7 m is provided by a 2-stage

under slung jib. The jib stows alongside the base boom

section and is designed for easy installation at confined


◊ Compact Carrier

The GR-500EXL uses a compact carrier to minimize

setup space necessary at the jobsite. By reducing

the length of the carrier to just 8.7 m and making

the counterweights heavier, Tadano has been able to

shorten the maximum extension width of outriggers.

This allows the GR-500EXL the highest possible maxi-

mum crane capacity, for confined jobsites in urban areas

like Singapore.

◊ Improved Carrier Drivability and Safety

The carrier features semi-elliptic leaf springs used

on all wheels to improved drivability. With a maxi-

mum speed of 48 km/h. the crane can quickly travel

from location to location.

On site, there are 3 steering modes - 2-wheel front,

4-wheel coordinated and 4-wheel crab. Transmission is

electronically controlled automatic.

In addition, using a shorter twin cylinder-design has

allowed the cab to be positioned forward. This gives the

operator more visibility from the driver’s seat which has

also been significantly upgraded, making for a much safer

operator experience while travelling.

Crane Capacity

51 t x 2.5 m

Max. Lifting Height

Boom 42.4 m

Jib 56.0 m

Max. Load Radius

Boom 35.6 m

Jib 44.2 m

Boom Length

11.1 m - 42.0 m

Jib Length

8.0 m and12.7 m

Specifications for Carrier

Engine Model



Max. Output

200kW/2,600 rpm

Max. Torque



Overall Length

13,390 mm

Overall Width

2,960 mm

Overall Height

3,865 mm

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