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Contractors World International Vol 5 No 5

◊ Safe Lifting

The crane is equipped with Tadano’s Automatic

Moment Limited which gives both an audible and

visual warning when approaching a critical position.

Should the operator try to continue in putting the

crane in to a potentially unsafe status, the system

will automatically cut the crane’s motions.

The system also has a limit function on the working

range (load radius and/or boom angle and/or tip height

and/or slewing range).

The in-cab LCD display shows the operator all

the information he needs to see what the crane

lifting status is at all times

◊ More Reliable at Lower Cost

By using a more conventional,

proven Mitsubishi 6M60-

TL (Euromot 2 level)

6-cylinder diesel

engine, Tadano an-

ticipates improved

reliability. Apart

from reduced main-

tenance, replace-

ment parts are more readily available

at lower cost.

◊ Environmentally Conscious Crane

With increasing awareness of fuel costs, the new RT

cranes will feature Tadano’s fuel monitoring system

and an ‘Eco-mode’ to

keep fuel consumption as

low as possible. We have

equipped this model with

Tadano’s state-of-the-art

fuel monitoring system,

and “Eco-mode” which

reduces fuel consumption

when the crane is being


◊ Installation of


Tadano has equipped this rough terrain

crane with ‘HELLO-NET’ which allows cus-

tomer’s to monitor crane status at any time via

computers or mobile devices.

The customer can monitor crane activ-

ity, work history, ma-

chine position data,

and maintenance in-

formation. The abil-

ity to track the ma-

chine allows for early

identification of a ser-

vice need as well as management of the crane’s time.


Blastcrete Upgrades

D6528 Mixer/Pump

The upgraded D6528 Mixer/Pump from Blastcrete

gives gypsum flooring contractors a versatile and

easy-to-use mixer/pump with high capacity and low


Contractors can use the D6528 Mixer/Pump to install

gypsum underlayments for sound and fire proofing floors,

as well as up to 1/2-inch (12 mm) aggregate concrete mixes

for breezeways and patios.

The hydraulic mixer blends up to 9 ft³ (0,.25 m³) of

material in just 45 seconds and keeps it in suspension as

the machine dumps material into the unit’s 12 ft³ (0.34 m³)

hopper with hydraulic agitation.

Operators can use a skid steer loader and Blastcrete’s

optional calibrated bucket to load as much as 7.6 ft³ (0.215

m³) of material into the mixer at a time.

Blastcrete designed the exclusive squeeze pump with

33% fewer wear parts for reduced maintenance. The pump

operates with up to 450 psi for consistent delivery of up to

12 yd³ (9.17 m³) of material per hour.

“We have been very impressed with what we can do

with the unit,” said Dewayne Olsen, owner of Western

Slope Gypsum in Rifle, Colorado. “We can pump

gypsum up to five stories high and as far as 400 feet

(137 m)horizontally.”

The squeeze pump does not require lubrication

to keep it cool and is not damaged if the hopper

runs dry.

The D6528 Mixer/Pump comes equipped with a

29 hp/21.6 kW , water-cooled diesel engine or an

optional 40 hp/29.83 kW Kohler gasoline engine.

The engine is positioned away from the mixer and

receiving hopper to prevent thermal transfer that

can cause material to set prematurely.