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Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc., has

introduced three new wheeled excavator models,

the R140W-9A, R180W-9A and the R210W-9A, to their

9A series product line.

The R140/180/210W-9A models are mid-size excava-

tors providing plenty of power and mobility to get the job

done and are ideal for excavating projects, road and utility

work and demolition.

The R140W-9A, R180W-9A and R210W-9A have operat-

ing weights of 30,200 lbs (13,700 kg), 38,100 lbs (17,280  kg)

and 45,200 lbs (20,500 kg), respectively.

Hyundai has powered each of these 9A wheeled ex-

cavators with low emission, low noise, Cummins QSB6.7

Interim Tier 4/Stage IIIB engines. Electronically controlled

fuel injection and diagnostic capabilities add to the en-

gines’ efficiency and serviceability.

Other innovations such as the variable speed fan clutch,

two-stage auto decel system and the economy mode help

to conserve fuel and reduce environmental impact.

Optimum Precision

To achieve optimum precision, Hyundai has rede-

signed the hydraulic system on each of these mod-

els to provide the operator with precision touch and


Improved pump flow control minimizes fuel consump-

tion and improved spool valves are engineered to provide

more precise flow to each function with less effort.

Boom-down flow regeneration and control valve tech-

nology are also improved. An auto boom-swing priority

feature automatically and continuously looks for the ideal

hydraulic flow balance for the boom and swing motions of

the machine to maximize performance and productivity.

In addition to power and efficiency, the new

wheeled excavators feature a new and improved

travel system. An auto cruise control system re-

duces operator fatigue by maintaining a fixed

speed when driving distances.

A new auto ram lock system is available to

improve operating safety by locking or releas-

ing the ram cylinder according to the operat-

ing mode.

An optional forward/reverse travel pedal

control allows operators the choice of using

the travel pedal control while in work mode or the lever

while in control mode. A new creep speed travel system is

also provided to improve maneuverability and fine control.

Hyundai has improved the structure strength of the 9A

series cabs with stronger but slimmer tubing for optimum


Low stress, high

strength steel forms a

more durable upper and

lower frame.

An optional ROPS

(Roll Over Protective

Structure) cab can be

equipped to further




The newly de-

signed cabs were con-

ceived for more space,



comfort and a wider

field view. Special attention has been given to a clear, open

and convenient interior with plenty of visibility on the ma-

chine surroundings and the job at hand.

Hyundai has integrated the seat with the console to re-

duce operator fatigue and adjustable air suspension comes

standard. New joystick consoles are adjustable in height by

pushing a single button.

The excavators come standard with a newly designed

7 inch, color LCD Display cluster with easy to read digital

gauges for monitoring temperature, fuel levels and other

maintenance items.

The simplified design allows the operator to easily ad-

just engine power and work modes, set boom speed and

arm regeneration, view what’s happening behind them

with the optional rear-view camera, and protect the ma-

chine with the new password anti-theft system.

Maximum digging reach:

8.78 m (20’ 10”)

Maximum digging depth:

5.75 m (18’ 10”)

Maximum dump height:

6.62 m (21’ 9”)

(with 4.6 m boom and 3 m arm length)

Hyundai Construction Equipment

New Hyundai R140/180/210W-9A

Wheeled Excavators

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