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A Liebherr LTR 1060 was driven around tight bends and on

gradients of up to 40 percent to the site at an altitude of

2020 meter to extend a tunnel on the Gornergrat railway in

Zermatt in the Swiss Canton of Wallis.

A superb team from Clausen Kran AG with technical assistance

from Liebherr in advance and perfect crawler crane technology

made the extremely difficult approach possible.

Geri Clausen is completely happy with his Liebherr telescopic

crawler crane. He commented, “We have lots of sites where this

highly manoeuvrable crane is simply perfect.”

Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH


Crawler Crane Manages

High Alpine Terrain

Max. lifting capacity

132,300 lbs at 6.5 ft

Max. load moment

188 tm

Main boom

33 ft - 131 ft

Lattice jib

31 ft - 52 ft



34,400 lbs / 22,050 lbs

Engine output

175 h.p

Travel speed

0 - 1.9 mph

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Contractors World International Vol 5 No 5

Bauer & the Hong



The special foundation subsidiary BAUER Hong Kong

Ltd. is involved in the construction of the world’s

longest bridge over water, currently under construc-

tion in the Pearl Delta.

The 50 kilometer link connecting Hong Kong, Macao

and Zhuhai forms the southern ring closure of a gigantic

infrastructure project.

The bridge consists of a multitude of individual

structures, such as cable-stayed

bridgesanda6.7kilometer long tunnel,

allowing uninterrupted passage of

large vessels. Artificial islands form

the end points and landing points. All

structures are connected by a viaduct.

The joint venture Dragages-China

Harbour-VSL commissioned Bauer

Hong Kong with the installation of

offshore bored piles for the Hong Kong

Link Road (HKLR) – a 10 kilometer long

section from the border between

China and Hong Kong to the Hong

Kong international airport.

Piles with 2,300 and 2,500

millimeters in diameter are up to 115

meters long and will be installed in

rock at depth of 2 to 5 meters.

All the work on this project, to be undertaken by Bauer

Hong Kong, must be performed from the water. Five BG 40

rotary drilling rigs will be used – four of them are custom-

built, with longer masts and larger main winches.

The rigs were transported by ships to the steel plat-

forms, each accommodating only one machine.

In support are pontoons for four bentonite plants and

for 300-tons heavy cycle cranes and accessories. Over 100

drilling tools were assembled at the construction site.

Bauer Group