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Challenging Beam Lift

on German Bridge

The continually rising volume of traffic and the

strongly increasing heavy goods traffic have massive-

ly increased the need for rehabilitation of German

motorway bridges in the past few years. One such

bridge is the Schiersteiner bridge, which links the re-

gional capitals of Wiesbaden and Mainz over a length

of around 1.3 kilometres.

Rapidly increasing costs for maintenance drove the de-

cision maker to a complete rebuilding of the Rhine bridge.

In 2013, the construction phase was started with an ex-

pected project duration of six years. In order to be able to

satisfy future requirements a solid load bearing construc-

tion was required, with the aim of balanced statics.

During installation of various bridge parts, in September

this year, the crane company Krandienst Schuch received

the job to hoist three steel girders with individual weights of

107, 44 and 40 tonnes from a transporter onto the bridge.

In order to guarantee safe operation, the girders were

hoisted in “tandem lift” and the relevant load was divided

across two cranes, using a 400 tonner ATF 400G-6 from

Tadano and a 500 tonner LTM 1500-8.1 from Liebherr.

Just one month after the ATF 400G-6 was delivered to

the crane company it was now able to prove itself against

its full counterweight of 138 tonnes for the first time.

The ATF 400G-6 managed even the heaviest bridge

part, where a total of 57 t (107 / 2 = 53.5 plus hook block

and hoist rope) had to be lifted on a radius of 16 m.

This took place to the entire satisfaction of theManaging

Director Christopher Schuch, who realised it did it without

using a further 500 tonner, due to the good load bearing

capacity values and compactness of the ATF 400G-6.

The 400 tonner from TADANO has one less axle, in com-

parison to its competitors, which is why it requires signifi-

cantly less space on building sites.

•Tadano Faun


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