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New Zealand

Chrischurch Earthquake Disaster

Half Way There

Christchurch recovery planners recently celebrated reaching 50% of planned works following the devastating earthquake that did substantial damage to the city and surround suburbs.

The total of rebuilding estimated cost will exceed $40 billion. Earthquakes are not unusual in the country as it lies along a major fault line.  However, this earthquake was the most damaging, with several severe after shocks only adding to the damage caused.

Amongst the building that had to be demolished was Christchurch Cathedral. The decision to demolish it divided the community with many saying renovation should be undertaken to preserve one of the city’s most iconic buildings.  However, the general feeling was to 'rebuild the city better and stronger'.

The Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCRIT) is coordinating the various works led by the New Zealand Government and Christchurch City Council.

SCIRT Celebrates Reaching the Half Way point.
©2014 SCIRT All Rights Reserved
Foundations laid for New Bus Terminal in Christchrch ©2014 SCIRT All Rights Reserved
Demolition of the Plaza Hotel in the centre of Christchurch, New Zealand. The city centre is virtually being rebuilt to provide a new modern, vibrant city using advanced engineering techniques to withstand severe earthquakes

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