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Half Way There - continued

The videos in this article show some of the works taking place. Contractors World acknowledge permission of the SCIRT and Government Departments for making the videos available.
Extensive Damage

Time Lapse showing start of new Justice and Emergency Services precinct in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand
©2014 SCIRT All Rights Reserved

Although the earthquake was once of the most powerful ever to hit a large city anywhere in the world, the building standards applied through New Zealand resulted in the loss of only 8 people.
However, the structural damage was significant and the amount of ground movement caused serious damage to underground utilities such as water and drainage.

As a result, although New Zealand had very strict building regulations to minimise damage during the frequent minor earthquakes and occasional severe ones, these regulations have been revised.
Research over the years has led to the development of better engineering techniques to enable building to better cope with the effects of earthquakes,


New Zealand - Christchurch.  Houses that once offered beautiful views have to be demolished due to the unstable nature of the land.

New Zealand - Christchurch. Houses that once offered beautiful views have to be demolished
due to the unstable nature of the land.

Port Hills clearances reaches important milestone

The clearance of Crown-owned properties in the Port Hills area of Christchurch has reached an important milestone with 100 houses now cleared from the red zone.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority acting Chief Executive, John Ombler says it is a significant achievement considering the complexity and risk surrounding each demolition project.

This work has not been easy due to the compounding hazards and complex access issues in the area. The team has worked closely with insurers and their contractors, spending a large amount of time making sure that the demolition plans ensured the safety of workers and residents

Although the 100th house has been cleared, a further 54 houses are in the process of being demolished or relocated and planning is underway for the clearance of a further 109 houses. Such is the scale of the devastation.

As work progresses, some property owners are stilling deciding whether or not to accept the voluntary Crown offer in the Port Hills red zones.

This highlights the problems for Government in recovery mode after a serious earthquake. It is not only buildings and infrastructures that have to be rebuilt, but also the lives of the people who have lost their homes.

The recompense for the Government taking over land once privately home can be drawn out and has to be factored in to the logistics in planning demolition and rebuilding works.

In Christchurch, the stability of the ground is such that it is not feasible to rebuild so the families involved have to relocate.


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