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What's New In Plant & Equipment

Tadano Faun ATF 70G-4

Tadano Faun ATF 70G-4

Three Cranes From Tadano Faun

Tadano Faun has introduced the latest models of the ATF 70G-4, ATF 90G-4 and ATF 100G-4 all-terrain cranes. The models offer increased safety, higher quality and more efficiency compared to the previous models.

The company has optimised the segmentation of the counterweight on the ATF 90G-4. This provides more flexibility with additional equipment to ensure that the road-weight is within the legally prescribed axle loads.

In addition, the asymmetrical outrigger base control, which defines the available lifting capacity range via the individual length of all 4 outriggers, is now fitted as standard. This gives the operator a wider available lifting capacity with added safety. Components have been strengthened as necessary to cope with the higher lift capacity.

The new ATF 100G-4 is the first Tadano All-Terrain crane with the newest generation of engines EUROMOT 4/EPA Tier 4F in the upper structure and undercarriage     The new ATF 100G-4 is the first Tadano All-Terrain crane with the newest generation of engines EUROMOT 4/EPA Tier 4F in the upper structure and undercarriage.

The new engines are a significant improvement over the previous EUROMOT 3b/EPA Tier 4i with 90 % less fine particle emissions in comparison to EUROMOT 3a/EPA Tier 3 engines.

With the new engine, toxic nitrous oxides are reduced by approximately 80 %, which promises further possible uses at construction sites with strict environmental standards. The engines have been further optimised with regards to braking power and smooth running.

The ATF 70G-4 now features a longer main boom of 52.1 m. The crane still follows the dual-engine concept but the high efficiency, according to the company, means that the higher initial investments will pay off within just a few years.

In addition to the longer main boom, the new ATF 70G-4 (52.1 m) has a 1.5 t of additional counterweight, compared to its predecessor.

With a total counterweight of 16.5 t, the crane delivers better lifting capacity. The counterweight is divided so that the end user can operate the crane both with 12 t and 10 t axle load without having to invest in additional counterweights,

This model also benefits from engines of the latest generation EUROMOT 4 in the carrier and the superstructure.

Tadano Faun


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