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What's New In Plant & Equipment

Blastcrete Announce New Products

The USA company, Blastcrete Equipment Company, has been providing innovative and cost efficient solutions for the construction and building industry for over 60 years. They continue to innovate and have just made two interesting announcements.

Blastcrete D3522 Hot Epoxy Grouting AttachmentBlastcrete D3522 Hot Epoxy Grouting Attachment

The D3522 Attachment from Blastcrete Equipment Company is, according to the company, the only hot epoxy pump on the market that can be powered by an existing hydraulic power source.

It is a lighter, more versatile, lower cost option than hot epoxy pumps and mixer/pump combinations since skid steers and other equipment with auxiliary hydraulic hookups can power the unit.

The D3522 Attachment features a durable hydraulic squeeze (peristaltic) pump. The pump has two rollers that rotate clockwise and squeeze a 2 inch (50 mm) rubber pumping tube.

The rotation generates suction from the receiving hopper and pushes the material through the pump and out to the discharge into the delivery hose. The epoxy materials do not come in contact with the moving parts of the squeeze pump, unlike a rotor stator or piston-style pump.

The attachment can pump hot epoxy or cementitious grouts at variable speeds from 0 to 6 yd³ (4.5 m³per hour and deliver up to 400 psi of pumping pressure.

It can be used for spraying plaster and small wet-shotcrete applications.

Upgraded 2,200-pound-capacity Pan Mixer Upgraded 2,200-pound-capacity Pan Mixer

For greater efficiency, easier maintenance and faster mixing speeds, Blastcrete has redesigned the 2200 Pan Mixer. It can mix up to 1 t. of refractory castable in two minutes or less. In addition, the mixer can be used for dry blending materials before water is added.

The new design increased the unit’s maximum mixing speed from 30 rpm to 45 rpm, which reduces mixing times from five minutes to two minutes or less. It also has a variable frequency drive, which allows users to adjust the unit’s mixing speed from 0 to 45 rpm in both forward and reverse.

The upgrade also increases the pan mixer’s efficiency. To avoid the power loss that occurs when using hydraulics, the 40 hp electric motor couples directly to two gearboxes. By eliminating hydraulic components the 2200 Pan Mixer is now more economical to purchase and maintain. An extension ring above the mixer was added to prevent material loss or spillage during loading or the mixing process, and a Fill-Rite water meter and 20-gauge dousing bucket allows for quick and accurate water filling.

The 2200 Pan Mixer also features a hydraulically powered mixer tilt function, which allows the user to easily mix a batch as small as 200 pounds (90 kg) to finish the job. The tilt also allows for fast clean up.

Blastcrete can customize the 2200 Pan Mixer to fit any voltage and hertz requirements, including those outside of the United States.

Blastcrete Equipment

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