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Contractors World International - 2015 Vol 6 No 1

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Contractors World Preview Intermat 2015 No 1

Yanmar Introduce New Minis

Following the development of the SV26, Yanmar launches a new range of 1.5 to 2.5 tonne mini-excavators with ultra-short rear swing radius.

The new, more powerful, more comfortable and easier to use SV16, SV18 and SV22 combine very compact dimensions with high levels of performance and a high degree of stability.


The three new models are characterised by their very compact dimensions and very short rear overhang. This means that they are easily transported on a small trailer or light truck.

Their compact dimensions make them ideal for operating in very narrow sites often found in urban areas and in landscape work.

Following the pattern set by the SV26, the ergonomics of the cab interiors have been refined to ensure improved operator comfort and productivity. All the machine’s operating movements are now controlled by means of joysticks.

The instrument panel holding all control buttons, the blade control and the second-gear speed control are located together on the right-hand side of the cab for improved accessibility and better control.

To ensure safety when working at night, the machines are fitted as standard with an LED light located on the lower part of the boom. Three additional LED lamps and a flashing revolving light on the cab are an option.

As with the SV26, the SV16, SV18 and SV22 are equipped with a digital instrument panel which checks and monitors maintenance operations and displays any abnormalities.

In order to extend the range of use of accessories used on the SV range, these machines are now equipped with the proportional PTO control on the right-hand joystick.

The C08, the new Yanmar mini-carrier, is ideally designed for landscaping and gardening work, as well as for work on building sites. New Mini Carrier

The C08, the new Yanmar mini-carrier, is ideally designed for landscaping and gardening work, as well as for work on building sites.

It has an operational load capacity of 800 kg and comes in 4 versions, standard , high-tip (offering an elevating skip), self-loading standard and self-loading high-tip.

The high-tip models have an unloading height of up to 1500 mm, and can tip their loads into most types of skip, passing over fences and garden walls and onto raised work areas.

All the models are designed for performance and versatility and yet are compact enough to pass through narrow openings and work in restricted areas. Width on the standard model is 810 mm.

It has an extremely solid track-mounted lower chassis and can climb steps or work on loose ground or in the snow. Being on tracks minimises damage to surfaces and ensures stability when travelling over uneven ground.

Power is from a Yanmar diesel engine mounted so as to minimise vibrations to the operator. This system provides the specific combination of speed and power that operators are looking for. The hydraulic systems of the skip and the self-loader are separated, so that their functionality can be used while on the move.

Zero Tail Swing Invention

Yanmar Co., Ltd. (Japan) this year celebrates 20 years of the ViO system, which today accounts for over 80% of the worldwide sales of Yanmar compact excavators.

The company was one of the pioneers in the history of compact construction equipment and believes it is the inventor of this concept.  Yanmar is exhibiting the first ViO model, introduced at Bauma in 1995

Yanmar Europe



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