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Contractors World International - 2015 Vol 6 No 1

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Contractors World Preview Intermat 2015 No 1

Liebherr Shows It’s Strength as an Innovator - continued

New Generation Dozer

Intermat will  be the first opportunity for users to see the new Generation 6 crawler tractor/dozers that were introduced in October 2014. Two models will be on display - the PR746 and the PR 756 bring the three models that comply with the stage IV / Tier 4F emissions standards.

The new Liebherr crawler tractor PR 746 Litronic offers an operating weight of 28,900 kg to 30,800 kg and its Liebherr diesel engine returns 185 kW / 252 HP. The largest of the new Generation 6 crawler tractors, the PR 756, has an operating weight of 38,300 kg to 41,150 kg and an engine output of 250 kW / 340 HP.

New Generation Dozer from Liebherr

To simplify the system and to optimise exhaust gas after treatment for challenging operations, selective catalytic reduction, SCR technology and thereby a diluted urea solution, e.g. AdBlue®, are employed. The efficient combustion in turn facilitates lower fuel consumption and provides economical benefits to the customer.

Highest performance and economy

The Generation 6 crawler tractors feature a newly-developed, electronically-controlled drive management system with integrated ECO function. This enables the driver to choose between high performance and maximum economy. Compared with the previous generation, the ECO control system ensures more efficient operation of the travel drive for light to medium-heavy operations.

Another new feature is the proactive power control. The internal engine parameters as well as external machine parameters are detected, such as the current degree of drive joystick deflection, resulting in engine performance being elevated automatically for a short period to match the current demand. As well as responding more rapidly, the machines offer a tangible increase in performance potential and pulling power.

This hydrostatic drive keeps the engine speed at a constant level. All of the drive components and the intelligent Liebherr engine management are harmonised optimally to each other. The Liebherr travel drive is distinguished by a high level of efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Modern design and convenient new cabin

The modern design with falling edges on all sides and uninterrupted panoramic glass pane, offers the driver an optimal all-round view of the terrain as well as the blade and rear ripper. The view over the engine cover is not hindered by the exhaust system and rams as these have been positioned behind the A-pillar.

The driver cab has been redesigned from scratch: The new drive controls can be moved longitudinally to the most ergonomic position for the driver and, with the new T-shape, allow more ergonomic handling and thereby more comfort.

The desired travelling speed range can be preselected directly on the joystick. In this way, control of the tractor can be apportioned precisely, especially at low speed. Driver detection takes place automatically by means of the integrated seat contact switch without a safety lever having to be actuated.

Liebherr-Werk Telfs GmbH



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