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Contractors World International - 2015 Vol 6 No 1

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Contractors World Preview Intermat 2015 No 1

Liebherr Shows It’s Strength as an Innovator - continued

What is totally new is the award winning LiUP Crane Driver Elevator for tower cranes. Tower Crane Developments

Liebherr has replaced the 160 EC-B Flat-Top crane with the 172 EC-B-8 Litronic (see article in Contractors Worlds Vol 5 No 5) but Intermat will be the first time it has been shown to the general public.

What is totally new is the award winning LiUP Crane Driver Elevator for tower cranes. This solution to make it easier operators to gain access to and from tower cranes won the Gold Award in the “Equipment & Components” category in the Intermat Innovations Awards.

Suitable for retrofitting to existing cranes by simply installing the elevator running rail. The rails for the crane driver elevator are coordinated to the lengths of Liebherr tower sections and require one-off installation.

New tower systems can be ordered from the factory with or without rails. The rails do not have to be removed for erecting and dismantling of the tower cranes if they are installed internally.

The elevator is mounted on the exterior of the tower on Liebherr tower systems LC, 120 HC, 140 HC, 170 HC, 256 IC and 355 IC. It is integrated on the inside of the tower section on tower systems 185 HC, 256 HC, 355 HC, 500 HC and 1000 HC.

Running on a rack and pinion system similar to construction hoists, there are no ropes or drag cables. The elevator is also powered by a lithium ion batter so there are no power cables. The battery is recharged when the elevator is descending.

The driver can move the elevator upwards from the driver’s cab using a remote control.
The elevator from Liebherr is designed to transport two people or a payload of 200 kg. If required for a crane driver rescue, the LiUP can also be operated independently of the tower crane’s power supply.

The elevator will be welcomed by many operators, especially when in inclement weather. However, some crane operators will still want to do the occasional manual climb as this is a good opportunity to check the integrity of the bolts on the climb up.

This type of innovation can drive regulations, so they may become a mandatory feature for some installations. More for recover of the operator than for the convenience.

Liebherr-Werk Biberach

Simulators bring the jobsite into the classroom

Within the aviation industry, simulators have been used for many years to train pilots for both military and commercial applications.

Now that same technology, using the latest digital modelling systems and high-end graphics, have brought simulators into the training centres for operators of construction plant and equipment.

At Intermat, Liebherr is presenting its LiSIM Simulator for training of operators using deep foundation and crawler cranes up to 300 tonnes.

Simulators bring the jobsite into the classroom

For the new simulator, the LB 28 rotary drilling rig with continuous flight auger (CFA) and Kelly bar as well as the LR 1300 crawler crane have been modelled. A realistic construction site has been created with adjacent buildings, roads and fences as well as obstacles such as uneven ground or rock.

The deep foundation simulation replicates all aspects of a machine’s real functions. It offers different training scenarios including drilling with Kelly bar as well as travelling with Kelly bar and CFA.

Using the crawler crane simulator the operator learns, easily and efficiently, how to operate crawler cranes in a safe environment. Above all, the various lifting tasks such as loading and unloading a semi-trailer represent a special challenge for the operator and can be fulfilled at different difficulty levels.

The installation of the original Liebherr control system, software and hardware guarantees realistic training experience and so machine operators are able to optimally implement the gained experience on the jobsite on the real machines.

The simulator is available in three configurations: as classroom, cab or containerized solution.  The easy-to-transport containerized solution houses the simulator in a 40-ft container and features a training room, utility room and cab simulator. Each of the three models is equipped with a multifunctional instructor station.

Liebherr-Werk Nenzing


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