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Editorial Comment

Roger Lindley - Publisher-Editor

Technology Leads The Way In Innovation

This issue looks at some of the latest developments using advanced technology to remotely operate demolition excavators and telescopic handlers.

I also write extensively on new plant and equipment that has been launched recently and the first supplement looking ahead to Intermat 2015. The show promises to have many new products as this is the showcase event in Europe this year.

Technology is impacting on all aspects of life.

What used to be a mobile telephone is now a compact computer allowing users to use GPS navigation systems, read a book, listen to the radio or music or catch up on the latest television news.  So much so, that it is very difficult to buy a simple mobile telephone that does just that.

iPads and Tablets - Life Changing

Whereas 10 years ago, commuters and people travelling mainly read a newspaper, magazine or books. Today, they do the same but in a digital format.

Everyone has their eye’s focused on a screen and while some are playing video games, the majority are doing what commuters and people travelling have always done - reading newspapers, magazines or books.

Since the format was changed to make easier reading on iPads and tablets, Contractors World International magazines have seen a massive uptake of the PDF download option.

Over 80,000 have downloaded the magazine in the last month - of which over 75% elect the interactive PDF version.

The file may be large, but readers obviously enjoy the video content.

Most programs (apps) that are downloaded onto portable devices are either free but with advertising or, for a very small cost, an advertising free version can be obtained.

Is this the way for digital magazines to go? Which would you prefer? A magazine that is 30-40% advertising but FREE or no advertising for a low annual subscription.


Roger Lindley - Publisher-Editor





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