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Liebherr and Kamaz Team Score In Dakar RallySouth America

Liebherr and Kamaz Team Score In Dakar Rally

This year’s Dakar Rally was a great success for the Kamaz Master truck racing team. The racing trucks from the Kamaz Master team came first, second, third and also fifth in the Dakar Rally.

Torrid heat, dusty air and a challenging route across the Andes and the world’s largest salt lake. The Dakar Rally passed through Argentina, Bolivia and Chile exposing drivers and vehicles to the most extreme conditions.

The Kamaz Master truck racing team took to the start this year with four trucks fitted with an 8-cylinder D9508 A7 diesel engine from Liebherr.

The decision by Liebherr partner Kamaz – a Russian manufacturer of trucks and other vehicles – to install Liebherr engines was based on their trust in the well-developed and reliable technology. Wladimir Guba, Technical Director of the Kamaz racing team, knows:

Success in racing depends not only on the performance of the engine but the probability of failure and repair times. Here, we place trust in the engines from Liebherr that have proven their worth in similar extreme conditions, above all in mining.

To engineer the components to be even more reliable and, at the same time, dynamic for special conditions, Liebherr worked closely with Kamaz to specifically further develop the drive system for the Rally 2015.

In the race configuration, changes were made to the charge air system to achieve higher charging pressures. The consequence is optimal combustion of the injected fuel quantities whose volume has likewise been increased. No further modifications were necessary..

The engine with common rail injection system from Liebherr has a displacement of 16.2 litres and thereby conforms to the rally regulations which, from 2016, limit displacement to 16.5 litres. The 8,900 kg trucks reach a top racing speed of 140 km/h.

Liebherr-Components AG

Doosan Excavators on the WaterfrontPoland

Doosan Excavators on the Waterfront

In Szczecin in Poland, a new Doosan DX300SLR-3 extended boom excavator has been purchased by Szczecińskie Kopalnie Surowców Mineralnych S.A. (SKSM S.A.), which is using the new machine on the Regalica trans-shipment wharf in Szczecin, primarily for unloading aggregate from barges.

The barges transport material for the Bielinek quarry near Cedynia

The excavator was supplied by Grausch & Gra usch Maszyny Budowlane Sp. z o.o., the exclusive authorised dealer in Poland.

The machine is equipped with a one-piece, 10 m boom and a 7 m digging arm, which ensures a maximum d reach of 17.39 m. This enables the excavator to unload the aggregate from the barges with minimal tracking.

Szczecinskie Kopalnie Surowcow


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