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he region of Antalya is being given a fresh look in time for Expo Botanik 2016. Everything is being made

brighter and more beautiful, newer and more luxurious – especially hotels and roads.

This includes the Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort, a

five-star oasis right on the seafront which was officially

opened last year.

The 500 m approach road to the hotel comprises a 15

cm crushed-stone base and a 10 cm asphalt base. The as-

phalt surfacing was paved a short time later.

The company Antmos Asfalt was responsible for the

works. The bulk of the company’s contracts are for ac-

cess roads, connecting roads and highways with varying

requirements – encompassing everything from pure pave-

ment rehabilitation jobs to the construction of new roads.

The variation in projects meant that for economical and

efficiency reasons, the equipment had to be adaptable to

the varying needs of the various jobs. The company has

invested in three Vögele pavers as being able to meet these


Consistent Paving Quality

For the Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort

project, the Antmos Asfalt paving crew

started by laying a 15 cm crushed-stone

base followed by a 10 cm asphalt base.

The paver was equipped with a Vogele

AB 600 TV extending screed equipped with

tamper and vibrators.

This screed has a basic width of 3 m

but extends hydraulically up to 6 m. This

was useful on this project as the total pave

width ranged between 10 and 12 m, the

paver laid two strips of 4.5 to 6 m each.

As a result, the machine had to be reposi-

tioned several times.

The “AutoSet Plus” repositioning and

transport function was a valuable aid and

guaranteed a consistent paving quality.

With this function, the paver is put into


Tracked Paver

Shows The Way

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