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transport mode automatically with a sin-

gle push of a button before repositioning;

the hopper front, auger, screed and de-

flectors in front of the crawler tracks are

raised; conveyors are reversed; the screed

is locked in position and all the settings are


After repositioning, another push of the

button is all it takes to reset the systems to

the previous working positions. Apart from

enabling a consistently high paving quality,

it also saves on time.

For variable pave widths

Being able to adjust the screed quickly was

critical for the project The work was made

easier still by another new “Dash 3” function

- the ErgoPlus 3 screed operator’s console.

This has “SmartWheel” for infinitely variable

screed width control which impressed the

operator, Hüseyin Arkoc:

“With the SmartWheel I can infinitely

extend and retract the screed with one

finger. And I can do this at two speeds:

slow if I want to go along an edge or

fast if I want to extend or retract the

screed quickly”.

For safe transfer of the


When feeding the hopper, communication between the

feed lorry driver and the paver operator used to be a


This is overcome on the Vogele paver with “PaveDock

Assistant” which, through the use of clear light signals, e.g.

for reverse, stop, dumping the mix, etc. gives clear instruc-

tions to the truck driver.

Antmos Asfalt

Vogele Pavers and Screed

With the

Vogele Super 1900-3 pav-

ers equipped with Vogele AB 600

TV extending screed, the operator

can quickly safe settings while re-

positioning the machine and then

reset the machine to the same


The screed operator can adjust the

width by simply rotating a wheel

on the console.

The result is a consistent feed for

a high-quality finish.

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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1