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Remote controls are a common feature

for such equipment as self-erecting tower

cranes and trench compactors. It is not sur-

prising, therefore, to see the technology be-

ing introduced into hydraulic excavators.


s the examples here illustrate, there

are situations in which it is unsafe

for an operator to be in the cab.

The technique is being used in New Zealand,

where renovation work and demolition is still

taking place in Christchurch following the

devastating earthquake in February 2011.

There are a number of residential proper-

ties that have to be demolished. However,

they are close to a cliff edge and the ground

is very unstable. The New Zealand demoli-

tion company, Protranz are, therefore, using

a Komatsu 270LE excavator equipped with a

remote control.

Remote control is not new. A paper


“New Capability for Remote Controlled Excavation”

written by the Deere & Co.

Unstable ground meant that remote

controlled Komatsu demolition exca-

vators was the ideal solution during

remedial work after the Christchurch,

New Zealand earthquake.

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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1