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safe location. It can be used on demolition projects

that are deemed too dangerous to risk an operator

in the cab or in contaminated structures where

human access is unsafe.”

Coleman had already identified the specific multi-pro-

cessor attachment as the only existing attachment that

complied with the project specification when it commis-

sioned JCB to develop a 21 tonne machine capable of op-

erating it.

The next challenge was to prepare the machine for the

high-risk environment in which it will operate.

Remote control enables the operator to work the ma-

chine while positioned in a mobile elevated work platform

or cherry picker above the beam being demolished allow-

ing for close assessment of the task in hand.

The integrated infra red laser fence restricts the unit’s

operation to a designated safe zone preventing it from op-

erating too near the edge of the suspended floor.

In addition, the JCB excavator also features LED lighting

for night vision, a non-biodegradable safe fuel system, TAB

(triple articulated boom), range control plus many more

safety devices..

The Future is Here

As more and more contractors learn of this possibility, so

remotely controlled excavators and other equipment will

be developed and deployed.

Where the slope is too steep, close to a drop or in any

environment where it is not safe to ask an operator to go,

this is the solution.


Coleman Demolition



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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1

The First Full Remote

Controlled Self-Propelled


Collé Rental & Sales, the

Benelux, Germany and Austria

importer of Magni telehan-

dlers has introduced the com-

pany’s first remote controlled

Rotating telehandler.

After the successful intro-

duction of a full range of rotat-

ing telehandlers (lifting capac-

ity 4.000 to 6.000 kg and lifting

height 18 to 35 m), Magni de-

veloped the remote control


Through the control box,

the operator can remotely

drive, extend and retract of the

stabilizers, and activate all of the hydraulic functions of the

machine. The first user of this unique Magni telehandler is

Dutch facade contractor, V.d. Tillaar Gevelmontage, whose

owner, Ron V.d. Tillaar, owner of V.d. Tillaar Gevelmontage


“Thanks to the user-friendly remote I have full

control of the Magni 5.26S. At one of my last

projects, I independently connected the elements,

transported the elements internally and mounted

them directly. Thanks to the radio remote control

I can help from the workplace and a rigger is

unnecessary. It works more efficiently, the benefits

speak for themselves! "

Easy control

The radio controlled remote has a clear classification for

the three different function groups (stabilizing, transmis-

sion and hydraulic functions).

These give a full control of the telehandler. Once stabi-

lized, all the functions can be operated and is it possible to

rotate the upper structure, lift the load, tilt the forks and

operate the accessories.

The remote control works also fully with the workbas-

ket. For safety reasons the drive functionality can only be

operated in transport position.

The remote control function is optional on all Magni


C ollé Rental & Sales

Magni Telescopic Handlers Srl