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With hundreds of oil and gas wells dotted across a

massive expanse of the Cooper Basin, Dunn teams oper-

ate from self-contained mobile camps in a radius of several

hundred kilometres in every direction from the main base

where around 50 people are permanently stationed.

“Equipment reliability is everything,” Neil says firmly.

“We’re a long way from anywhere and this country’s quick

to teach you what works and what doesn’t.”

In earthmoving equipment, Caterpillar is the preferred

brand and despite the operation’s isolation and entrenched

self-sufficiency, Neil points to the back-up of South Australia

Cat dealer Cavpower and his high regard for Cat’s depend-

able C15 engine as the initial considerations in choosing to

add Cat trucks to the fleet.

His first Cat truck, a CT630 day cab model, arrived in

early 2013 and although there were initially “a few annoy-

ing little things”, three spacious CT630LS models have since

joined the operation to haul a wide variety of trailers in-

cluding heavily laden water tankers and low loaders.

Neil says of the four Cats:

“They’re all doing pretty good. They’re at work

every day and while they’re doing that, I don’t

have much to complain about.

“Like I said, it’s not easy out here. Road con-

ditions are the killer and it doesn’t matter what

brand of truck or machine it is, something breaks

eventually. We expect it. What’s important is that

it doesn’t keep breaking.”

On the ability of the Cat trucks to cope with such de-

manding conditions, a blunt Neil Dunn says the brand sim-

ply wouldn’t get a second chance if it wasn’t already show-

ing acceptable levels of endurance.

“There’s no doubt about it. They wouldn’t be here if

they weren’t doing the job,” he concludes with absolute


Cat Trucks

Working in the wide ex-

panses of the Australian

outback requires equip-

ment that can cope with

the demanding condi-

tions, reliably.

Dunn Eartmoving have

become specialists in tak-

ing on contracts, and ser-

vicing equipment in these

extreme conditions.

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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1

New Trailer for de Meuron

The Swiss heavy-duty haulage company, de Meuron has

taken delivery of a new addition to their fleet of low-

loaders. The truck is a Faymonville hydraulically steered

MegaMAX low bed semi-trailer.

The new low bed is equipped with pendle axles and a

telescopic extension and is used by the Swiss company for

the transport of construction machinery.

The removable loading floor makes it possible, with a

short conversion, to transport yachts on the Swiss roads.

This flexibility precisely fits de Meuron’s profile.

Faymonville Distribution