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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1

laid over the concrete.

Thiago Henrique Menezes, an engineer with Galvão

Engenharia explains:

“The concrete foundation consequently has an

average service life of 30 years, as compared

to roughly six years for an asphalt course. The

maintenance costs for this type of construction are

hence a great deal lower.”

“After reviewing various concrete projects in

Brazil, we decided that the Wirtgen slipform pav-

er SP 850 had the best credentials for the tasks in

hand. Precision and productivity are the key ad-

vantages of this robust machine, which produces

roadways of a superb quality.”

Fast, efficient and versatile

The SP 850 slipform paver is the ideal candidate for the

production of all manner of high-quality concrete pave-

ments. Main applications include the paving of urban

roads, motorways, airport runways, “slab track” and hy-

draulically bound base courses.

The hydraulically telescoping machine frame can be ex-

tended by 1.25 m to the left and to the right, permitting

the use of paving moulds ranging from 2.5 m to 5 m in

width. Working widths of up to 10 m can be achieved by

mounting additional extension elements. All components

can be adjusted to the specified paving width.

Four separately hydraulically driven, steerable track

units ensure excellent manoeuvrability and traction.

The range of equipment includes spreading auger or

spreading plough, dowel bar inserter, central tie bar insert-

er, side bar tie inserter, finishing beam, super smoother

and 3D interface.

The entire paving process is automated from the even

distribution of the concrete to its final smoothing.

First, concrete is distributed by either a spreading au-

ger or spreading plough. The heavy-duty paving mold then

forms the concrete slab as the machine moves forward.

Up to 24 curved high-frequency electric vibrators si-

multaneously ensure the optimum compaction of the


Dowel bars, central tie bars and side tie bars can be

inserted into the freshly placed concrete. A hydraulically

driven hoisting crane for dowel or tie bar packages makes

the process even easier.

Finally, the finishing beam and super smoother ensure

an exceptional finish.

Wirtgen Pavers


Big Crane AT Work

in Largest Copper

and Gold Mine

For more than three years now a Liebherr LR 1300

crawler crane has been working in the largest copper

and gold mine in Mongolia. The customer particularly

appreciates the crane’s flexible application possibilities

and excellent lifting capacities.

The Oyu Tolgoi copper and gold mine, which was

discovered in 2001, is the largest of its kind inMongolia.

It is situated in the south, in the Gobi desert, near the

Chinese border. Construction work has been underway

since 2010.

The LR 1300 owned by Ivanhoe Mines Mongolia Inc.

was used mainly in the assembly of mining excavators

and mining trucks.

Currently the customer is using the 300-tonne crane

primarily for lifting work requiring a crane with high lift-

ing capacities.

Among the numerous advantages of the LR 1300 is

its flexibility due to the large number of possible boom

configurations. Thus, the crawler crane, which was ini-

tially delivered with a 71 m boom, has, in the mean-

time, worked with various boom lengths.

One of the crane’s major advantages is the possibil-

ity to travel with the load on the hook even in rough

terrain which, for example, would not be possible with

a mobile crane.

Oyu Tolgoi is the largest investment project in the

history of Mongolia. From today’s perspective an in-

vestment of over 7 billion dollars can be expected. After

its completion the mine will provide approximately

30% of the gross domestic product of the Central Asian


Liebherr-Werk Nenzing