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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1

Half Way There

Christchurch recovery planners re-

cently celebrated reaching 50% of

planned works following the devas-

tating earthquake that did substan-

tial damage to the city and surround


The total of rebuilding esti-

mated cost will exceed $40 billion.

Earthquakes are not unusual in the

country as it lies along a major fault


However, this earthquake was the

most damaging, with several severe

after shocks only adding to the dam-

age caused. Amongst the building that

had to be demolished was Christchurch


The decision to demolish it divid-

ed the community with many saying

renovation should be undertaken to

preserve one of the city’s most iconic

buildings. However, the general feel-

ing was to ‘rebuild the city better and





Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCRIT)

is coordinating the various works led

by the New Zealand Government

SCIRT Celebrates Reaching the

Half Way point.

©2014 SCIRT All Rights


Foundations laid for New Bus

Terminal in Christchrch ©2014

SCIRT All Rights Reserved

Demolition of the Plaza Hotel

in the centre of Christchurch,

New Zealand. The city cen-

tre is virtually being rebuilt to

provide a new modern, vibrant

city using advanced engineer-

ing techniques to withstand

severe earthquakes