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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1

Gomaco Latest Technology at the

World of Concrete 2015

The World of Concrete has always been

an important show for the Gomaco

Corporation and this year was no exception.

Amongst the machines on display was the company’s next

generation Commander III multi-application slipform pav-

er. The Next Generation Commander III’s new design is

all about vision, safety, and performance. It is driven by

the new GOMACO G+ control system and the new Tier 4


The operator’s platform has been redesigned with a

pivoting operator’s control console. The pivoting opera-

tor’s console allows the operator to have hands-on control

and ultimate visibility no matter what application is being

slipformed or what the direction of travel.

The platform is now isolated to eliminate vibration.

It’s also quieter to work on the platform or around the


The frame has been rebuilt to accommodate larger

space requirements for Tier 4 engines and their cooling


For the first time, the Commander III will

be available with an optional on-board camera

to monitor designated areas of the slipforming

process. The camera can be positioned any-

where around the paver and feeds live to the

G+ display on the console.

With the new engine has been optimised to

improve fuel efficiency. This, together with a

larger fuel tank allows an uninterrupted day of

paving on the project.

The newmodel is packed with technology to

help improve machine operation, per-

formance and remote data exchange.

New Sidewalk Paver

The Gomaco GT-3200 sidewalk pav-

er was set up as a high-production

curb and gutter machine utilizing 3D


The design, combined with the G+

control system and G+ Connect, allows

the curb and gutter machine to eas-

ily slipform tight radii. The All-Track

Steering (ATS) allows all three of the tracks to be steered

and turned for smooth operation through each individual


Other design considerations on the GT-3600 also make

it the ideal curb and gutter machine. The operator station

gives better visibility and a tethered remote allows the op-

erator to move around the station.

The model on display was equipped with a trimmer-

head for fine grade trimming and a trailing sidewalk mold.

The zero-clearance sidewalk paver has a 20 inch (508 mm)

wide, 14 foot (4.3 m) long, hydraulic pivoting and folding

conveyor. The conveyor’s extra-long reach allows ready-

mix trucks to discharge from the street instead of having to

drive over existing curb.

Gomaco Corporation

The New Generation Commander

III Paver from Gomaco

The Gomaco GT-3200 pavement paver

from Gomaco was launched at World of

Concrete 2015

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