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Contractors World - Intermat Preview I

paver. The paver has a maximum spray width of 6 m. As

a conventional paver without spray function it can pave

widths of up to 9 m.

Application areas for the SprayJet

When rehabilitating roads by replacing the surface course,

this advanced concept is the ideal solution for paving thin

layers hot on spray seal or tack coat.

The new spray module features several innovations.

The insulated emulsion tank, for instance, now has a ca-

pacity of 2,100 litres and the integrated electric heating (2

x 7 kW) ensures that the emulsion is reliably maintained at

the ideal temperature for spraying. .

Vögele spray technology

The SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet is equipped with five spray

bars. The front spray bar has six spray nozzles and is lo-

cated between the machine’s crawler tracks right behind

the push-rollers.

An articulated spray bar installed on each side of the

paver comes with 7 nozzles per side. Finally, a short spray

bar with two nozzles is provided right behind each crawler


The rate of spread can be selected accurately within

the range of 0.3 and 1.6 kg/m².

The SprayJet nozzles operate in a pulsed mode. The

frequency of the spray pulses is adjusted automatically as

a function of the selected rate of spread, pave speed and

pave width.

As a result, complete coverage of the existing surface

with a uniform film of emulsion is achieved, without any

overlaps. Emulsion is applied at an exceedingly low spray

pressure of no more than 3 bar.

The new spray paver also includes all the features of

the “Dash 3” generation. The “Vögele EcoPlus” package,

for instance, significantly reduces both fuel consumption

and noise levels.

Extending screeds for perfect

pavement quality

For the SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet, two screed options are


The AB 600 comes with a basic width of 3m and extends

hydraulically up to 6 m. AB 500 builds up to its maximum

width of 6 m with additional bolt-on extensions (75 cm).

The widths of the screeds are limited electronically to

a maximum of 6 metres. As a conventional paver without

spray function it can pave widths of up to 9 m.

Joseph Vögele AG

3. Hamm

Hamm is also showcasing two innovative models: a tandem

roller with all-wheel steering and a compactor for earth-

moving applications.

The DV+ 70i and DV+ 90i tandem rollers with all-wheel

steering weigh 7 t and 9 t respectively. They are designed

to be highly productive, offer excellent visibility and intro-

duced an ‘easy-to-drive’ operating concept.

Advanced technology made available on the

Vögele SUPER 1800-3 SprayJet put the operators in

control at all times. Infinitely variable adjustments

mean no overspraying and no contamination of

surrounding areas.

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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1

The new DV+ rollers from

Hamm introduce many new

features including a very in-

tuitive ‘easy-to-drive’ console