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Contractors World - Intermat Preview I

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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1

New Heavy Duty Props and

Shoring Towers from Peri

The system components of the PERI UP Rosett

Flex modular scaffolding can now also be used

for heavy-duty props. The middle section of

the 4 leg support consists of standard system

components of the modular scaffold.

New components are head and lowering

spindles as well as a connecting plate. The TR

head spindle has an adjustment range of 55

cm while the HD lowering spindle is used as a

base spindle and serves as a housing for the

lifting cylinder of the hydraulic unit. The UJC

connecting plate transfers the forces from the

prop into the lowering spindle. The dedicated

HD hydraulic unit allows a stroke length of

68 mm.

The heavy-duty prop is used for the safe

transfer of concentrated loads of up to 200

kN. These loads occur in shoring as well as for

building redevelopment. The hydraulic cylin-

der in the base allows the deformation-con-

trolled lowering of the props in 10 mm incre-

ments and the torque-controlled lowering of

props under load by reading off in kN on the


Likewise, the hydraulic allows

the systematic, torque controlled

pre-tensioning of the prop up to

200 kN which is required for shor-

ing in reconstruction projects.

All components can be trans-

ported by hand, and using stand-

ard system components to the

greatest possible extent makes the solution extremely


Comprehensive Formwork Range

Peri will also use Intermat to show what their various rang-

es of formwork can be used for. They have systems suit-

able for the simplest, light-duty demands through to high-

ly-sophisticated systems for tunnels, bridges and high rise



The Peri UP HD prop can be used with hydraulic lift-

ing cylinders for demanding applications.

The Controls PAVELAB SYSTEM for analysis of asphalt paving


Italian Instrument Specialists -

CONTROLS - Just Got Better

The Italian company, CONTROLS, is one of the unsung suc-

cesses who, for many years, has been supplying the con-

struction industry with sophisticated laboratory equipment

for testing materials.

Contractors have to cope more and more with demand-

ing material specifications that leave little room to ma-

noeuvre. They have to demonstrate that they are meeting

these and the quality standards set by clients and regula-

tory authorities.

This increasing demand has meant that Controls S.r.l.

has had to double its production capacity in order to cope.

From the asphalt and bituminous

mixture range, the company will show its

second generation of automatic closed

loop bitumen and binder

extractor - Pavelab

System. This allows

the complete anal-

ysis of an asphalt


The T 3500 Series Universal Proctor/CBR automatic

compactor provides a fully automatic and uniform com-

paction of specified effort, thus ensuring repeatable test

results and eliminating any operator fatigue during the

tests. Conforming to 13589 and EN 13703 and other major

International Standards, it is designed for moulds 100 and

150 mm diameter.

CONTROLS is the largest manufacturer of compres-

sion and flexural testing machines for concrete worldwide.

On display at Intermat will be AUTOMAX E-MODULUS for

concrete and cement automatic compression, flexural and

splitting tests.

This system is specifically designed for the determina-

tion of Elastic Modulus and Poisson’s Ratio. It is also used

for automatic execution of compression, flexure and split-

ting tests on concrete and cement when connected to a

suitable testing frame.

From the Soil Mechanics Division, there will be

AUTOTRIAX 2, an advanced system for triaxial testing able

to automatically perform up to 6 tests simultaneously