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At The



Construction of the hydro-

electric power plant Lauca

at the Kwanza river in


At the Kwanza river in the Northern

Kwanza province of Angola, the hy-

droelectric power plant Lauca is being constructed.

Constructed with compacted concrete, the plant will

have a height of 132 m, a length of 1.100 m length, and the

capacity to produce 2.067 megawatts of energy.

Odebrecht in charge of the Lauca


The Brazilian construction company, Odebrecht, is taking

care of the Lauca project.

In the Lauca project, more than 4.000 construction

workers are employed, 90% of them from Angola. The

first phase of the project, which was completed in August

2014, comprised redirecting the course of the Kwanza riv-

er and the construction of two irrigation tunnels, where

Odebrecht was working with four Putzmeister SPM 4210

WETKRET concrete spraying systems.

In this project, Odebrecht is working with four systems

with on-board air-compressor, whose pumping and spray-

ing system is powered electrically or by the diesel motor.

This allows the machines to be used independently of

electrical supply. The equipment is mounted on an articu-

lated, heavy duty chassis with 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel


The SPM 4210 WETKRET series provides a spraying

reach of 10 m and a concrete output of 20 m³/h. The liquid

additive dosing pump is synchronized with the concrete

flow, guaranteeing high precision and quality spraying.

The concrete output and the adjustment of the prede-

fined additive dosage can be regulated via remote control,

so that the operator can act flexibly when facing chang-

ing working conditions in rock composition, strength and



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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1


The First Gate In Lock Head One Facing Gatun Lake

Carried to its final destination on self-propelled

motorized wheel transporters (SPMTs) with

more than 400 wheels each, the first gate for

the new locks in the Pacific side has been in-

stalled, marking another important milestone

for the Panama Canal Expansion Program.

Overall, the Canal expansion is currently 85 per-

cent complete.

This gate is the first of eight gates that will

be installed in the new locks at the Pacific side

of the waterway. The steel rolling gate is 8 me-

ters wide, 57.6 meters long and 22.28 meters in

height, weighing 2,300 tons.