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Milan Out Bypass to Ease Congestion

The casting involved 700 m³, a Cifa K41L XRZ truck mounted pump .One of the most important ongoing infrastructure projects in Italy today is the TEEM construction site, Milan Outer Bypass, whose layout passes east of the city and is destined to ease congestion on the current ring road.

The construction site, where concrete casting is involved, is managed by Icea on behalf of the main contractor, Arco TEEM Consortium, which includes Impresa Pizzarotti.

Icea has recently completed working on casting the base of a big rainwater storage tank. The casting involved 700 m³, a Cifa K41L XRZ truck mounted pump fed by a fleet of Cifa mixers that ensured a continuous flow of concrete from the company production plant to the casting site.

The pump was chosen by Icea for its versatility and hourly productivity (140 m³/hour), as well as the horizontal envelop (that reaches over 35 meters) of the five sections boom, which could rach across the wide foundation.

Icea owner, Angelo Di Fede said: "We have been working with Cifa machines for many years and I must say that we have never had any problem with machines (of any kind) we have in the fleet; ordinary maintenance interventions and small problems on the jobsite have always been solved by an efficient and prompt assistance service by Effretti professionals."
      "We give much importance to maintenance, which we pass on to specialized assistance centres, since we believe that having always efficient machines is the key to guarantee a satisfying jobsite productivity as well as obviously to respect the timing (that here is very tight) that our Customers demand."
     "We are specialists in concrete production chain and, as such, we want to guarantee to those who choose us, a turnkey service, with no problems."

Cifa Concrete Pumps

Largest Fuel Reduction System in the world


Largest Fuel Reduction System in the world

DHYBRID Power Systems was awarded a second contract on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean to install a Fuel Reduction System for hybrid energy supply for a French supermarket chain. Commissioning of the system was completed on 19 March.

Alongside the achievement of significant savings on energy costs and diesel fuel, an additional challenge presented by this project was the collection and storage of excess solar energy for use for other purposes during the night.

This excess self-generated solar energy is stored in existing special ice storage tanks.
The energy that is stored by freezing water to form ice is released again during the night for refrigeration of foodstuffs and for the air-conditioning system. This is a new approach in the area of energy supply.



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