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Formwork & Falsework International Vol 2 No 1


Upmarket Residential Complex Optimises Paschal Formwork Use

Upmarket Residential Complex Optimises Formwork Use

The massive shell construction of an upmarket residential complex in Berlin consists almost entirely of concrete and encompasses two basement levels, a ground floor and two upper storeys.

To secure the building excavation for the basement levels, the 12 metre deep excavation was secured and constructed on all four sides by a Berlin type pit lining - a system using back anchoring
On completion of the earth and civil engineering works, the construction company set about the shell construction works, making use of Pashal systems for the great variety of formwork tasks.

As construction progressed speeded up, the project manager also came more and more to appreciate the advantages of these formwork and shoring systems. Especially as, for this special project, all of the formwork and shoring tasks could be handled within the system, eliminating the need for time-consuming special solutions.

Paschal supported both the contractors and the sub-contractors with the full planning, logistics for the hire of equipment and the training of the formwork crew on site.

Throughout the structure, all concrete could be formed using the modular components from the advanced systems available from PaschalConcrete, right from the start

The basis of the project, the 28 x 25 m x 12 m deep foundation pit was first secured all round by a Berlin type pit lining.

Throughout the structure, all concrete could be formed using the modular components from the advanced systems available from Paschal

Once the entire foundation pit had been dug out, the foundation for the building was laid in the form of a 65 cm to 125 cm thick reinforced concrete base plate.

The reinforced walls of the basement levels were formed as single-sided walls with the LOGO.3 formwork system and concreted with water-impermeable concrete.

For this, the formwork team combined two formwork units of 6.50 m wide x 4.30 m high and created each of the external concrete walls in 12 concrete sections. This made it possible to create a uniform pattern of crossed horizontal and vertical joints.

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